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The A-Z of Brexit: A Guide to Britain's New Politics

New York Magazine - 1 hour ago
The difference is that Blair acted the photogenic chief exec, happy to dissemble to the public for the sake of “the project”, but Cameron's background was PR, which is the deft art of crisis...

In Austin, a textbook case of arbitrary regulation and its costs

National Review Online - 14 hours ago
... the local money-lender, too. It's a long and complex scheme (a story told brilliantly by P. Sainath in Everybody Loves a Good Drought) that ended in pepper farmers' being kept in...

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Iain Glen Shoots Down 'Game Of Thrones' Myth About Character Deaths

Huffington Post - 4 weeks ago
With our favorite characters in jeopardy every week on “GoT,” we're always looking for any clue or indication of who's about to go next. And no one looks more in danger these days than...

Invisibilia: Is Your Personality Fixed, Or Can You Change Who You Are?

NPR - 3 days ago
Editor's note: This is an excerpt from the latest episode of the Invisibilia podcast and program, which is broadcast on participating public radio stations. This story contains language that some...

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Best Shots Advance Reviews: ACTION MAN #1, JAMES BOND #7, SHE WOLF #1

Newsarama - 5 days ago
Expanding the mythos to turn Action Man into a symbolic moniker for the best of the best, Barber opens with the title character's noble self-sacrifice, paving the way for Agent Ian Noble to take...

10 Actors Who Kept Their Characters Alive In Books After Cancellation

Gizmodo Australia - 4 days ago
Meanwhile, Armin Shimerman co-wrote a novel about Quark in The 34th Rule, referring to the 34th rule of acquisition, which states “War is good for business.” And people have praised this look at...

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Cover-up of the Raid? – The journalist Seymour M. Hersh challenged nearly every facet of the semiofficial narrative of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden in his compound in […]
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Riding the Seas: The Kelpies and Other Fascinating Water Horses in Myth and Legend

Ancient Origins - 1 day ago
There are many interesting legends from around the world and through the ages that refer to mythical beings that are similar to horses. The Scottish Kelpies are some of the more intriguing of these creatures and tales about these water horses have been...

Watch Bright Orb UFO Fleet Swarm Around Mexico's Popocatepetl Volcano [Video]

The Inquisitr - 2 days ago
Analysts say that the association of alien UFOs with volcanoes in popular UFO folklore could have roots in ancient mythical traditions that linked volcanoes with divine visitors from the skies. Sky gods are closely associated with volcanoes in ... Thus ...and...

Folklore Tapes: A Rum Music Special By Joseph Burnett

The Quietus - 1 week ago
... with the county of Devon, where Folklore Tapes founders Ian Humberstone and David Chatton Barker have periodically been located over the past few years, mining the traditions of this remote and ancient parcel of England for its legends and...

Russian Atlantis: Tomb Raider's Invisible City of Kitezh was a REAL Place

Ancient Origins - 1 week ago
Accounts of the ancient city of Kitezh are believed to trace back to the earliest days of Rus', however, the first written reference appeared in the Kitezh Chronicle, written by the Old Believers in the 1780s. (In Russian Orthodox church ... It is not...

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'Absolute proof of Life on Mars'

shock claim after 'alien found' in NASA image - 3 days ago
The video posted on YouTube by Paranormal Crucible is entitled 'Tiny Alien Spotted On Mars?' The channel is said to have spotted the humanoid in images uploaded online by NASA from the Curiosity Rover droid which is scouring the surface for signs of ...and...

Six-Inch Alien Spotted In NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover Photo Proves 'Atacama Skeleton' Was Extraterrestrial Visitor ...

The Inquisitr - 2 days ago
The “shocking and “historic” announcement of the alleged discovery of alien life on Mars, in the form of a tiny six-inch humanoid alien spying shyly on Curiosity rover from behind a Martian rock, was announced by alien hunters Paranormal Crucible in...

Is this the skull of an alien found on Mars?

Metro - 2 weeks ago
Footage shows an object that is 'alien in nature' resembling the mythical creature Big Foot, reports Mail Online. The video zooms in on the supposed disembodied head and is enhanced to reveal what appears to be two sunken eyes, a nose and a...

UFO Hunter 'Discovers' Alien Skull On Mars -- Proof Of Ancient Humanoid Mars Civilization? [Video]

The Inquisitr - 3 weeks ago
The discovery of an alien humanoid skull on the Red Planet by NASA's Curiosity rover, according to UFO hunters, offers clinching evidence of advanced ancient humanoid civilization on Mars. UFO hunter Paranormal Crucible announced the discovery in...

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The secret Soviet Socialist Plan for "White Genocide" now underway
The Alien Enigma is a non-fiction book which closely examines evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life on this planet
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A bizarre contraption called the 'Affectionator' gives a dog the chance to pat its owner on the head. We've featured some peculiar inventions on th...
The pristine white of the Arctic landscape seems to have been turning a rather unusual shade of pink. First reported back in 1818 by British Admira...
Researchers at the University of Leicester have determined that Batman would be rubbish in real life. He might be able to defeat the villains of Go...
The plaque is located at the site where Bob Taylor famously encountered a strange object back in 1979. The incident took place at Dechmont Law in L...
An experimental interactive robot known as Promobot IR77 has been up to quite a bit of mischief recently. Designed to engage in meaningful interact...



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Female Cherokee Chief: Let’s replace Andrew Jackson — who defied the Supreme Court and brutally evicted the long-farming Cherokee onto the Trail of Tears — with Wilma Mankiller, first woman […]
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Myth-OS | Uncategorized – Newshttp://myth-os.com/uncategorized/Allegory is a figurative mode of representation conveying meaning other than the literal. Allegory communicates its message by means of symbols.





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Why Myth-OS? Because our office is located on the Icarian Sea, near the monastery of Patmos, where we train binoculars and telescopic lenses on landmark sights of the Apocalypse. In terms of modern psychology, the biblical Revelation is one of the world’s best examples of a so-called abduction or out-of-body experience (OBE).

We also study the local folklore of a little-known group of seafarers, sometimes branded as Mediterranean Corsairs (Kor-seon), who called themselves protectors of Patmos (Palmosa) and defenders of the faith for over two thousand years. From the moral lessons of Aesop and the epic tales of Homer to philosopher-poets of the Golden Age and the most enduring archetypes of mythology, the Icarian-Sea Myth-OS is here for you.

A hollow of the Patmos island cave where John is said to have received the Apocalypse.
The Icarian-Sea is your passage to the cradle of the ancient myths.
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