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Looking for breaking news in unconventional categories? Myth-OS is the in-depth site for your pursuit of the unexplained. It inquires into the world’s most remarkable events for you to interpret the best evidence. If you’re thinking of extending beyond the scope of normal investigation and moving into unfamiliar areas, or if you just want to examine the legendary narratives of allegorical myths, follow the Mythos community… [Sign Up]


Alums launch video game based on ancient Mesoamerican myth

UC Santa Cruz (press release) - 3 weeks ago
“We made this game program for UCSC's master's degree program and by the end I thought it would make a good product,” said Cori, who acted as the creative director for the project. “So...

Ancient Mesoamerican myth brought to life in new video game

University of California - 3 weeks ago
A trio of recent graduates from the UC Santa Cruz Games and Playable Media master's program have turned their school project into a viable commercial product on one of the internet's largest...

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Guinevere Goes From Myth To Legend On This Stunning New Character Poster For KING ARTHUR: LEGEND OF THE ...

Comic Book Movie (satire) (press release) (registration) (blog) - 3 weeks ago
Anyone that's even slightly familiar with the King Arthur lore knows the importance of Guinevere's role in his journey, and despite not featuring heavily in the trailers for Guy Ritchie's...

Hands-On With Theseus, A Dark And Twisted Third-Person VR RPG

UploadVR - 10 hours ago
Theseus has much more reserved ambitions, instead choosing to focus on a single Greek myth, rather than attacking the entire roster. In this adventure you take on the role of the titular character,...

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Our Sci-Fi Future: Silly vs. Terrifying

TechNewsWorld - 20 hours ago
Do we really want to live in such a world -- where a few powerful criminals and corporations rule the world? When executives at ... Likewise, teleportation and warp speed likely will remain just part...

The Bizarre Inconsistencies of Gotham Season 3

Film - 2 days ago
As Gotham returns for the rest of its third season, it's still full of mixed blessings. Since the pilot, the good has gotten better and the bad has gotten worse, making ...and...

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Cover-up of the Raid? – The journalist Seymour M. Hersh challenged nearly every facet of the semiofficial narrative of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden in his compound in […]
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Rick Riordan Imprint Acquires First Three Titles

Publishers Weekly - 11 hours ago
Yoon Ha Lee and two other authors will be the first to publish novels with Rick Riordan Presents, Disney-Hyperion's newest imprint.and...

Cariboo Hill digs into dark American myth

Burnaby Now - 1 day ago
Cariboo Hill Secondary students are delving into a dark piece of American folklore for their spring production. The Cariboo Hill Theatre Company is ... The play, by Howard Richardson and William Berney, is billed as “an American myth for modern times...

Rubies for Blood, Emeralds for Truth: The Hidden Meanings and Histories of Your Favorite Gemstones

Vogue.com - 3 weeks ago
These materials have been honored, according to Maria Leach's Standard Dictionary of Folklore, Mythology, and Legend, “back beyond recorded history.” Ancient Roman texts note that Cupid's arrows were tipped with magical diamonds. In Eastern...

Kamehameha Schools Production of Hā'upu: A Hawaiian Opera

Maui Now - 1 day ago
“Hā'upu” tells the legend of Kana and Hina. It is a story of the Wā Kāhiko, the ancient times when gods would walk among men. It is a tale of mythological proportions shrouded in folklore and presented through an opera exclusively in Hawaiian. It is a...

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Express.co.uk - 5 days ago
ALIEN hunters have been left doing somersaults amid astonishing claims they have found an alien skull and an ancient tree stump on the surface of mars.and...

Will There Be Aliens In 'Fargo' Season 3? Ennis' Hidden Novels Hint ...

Bustle - 6 days ago
Every iteration of Fargo begins with the disclaimer that "This is a true story." It's very specific, if totally inaccurate wording. According to the disclaimer, Fargo isn't ...and...

Alien hunter claims there is an ancient tree stump on Mars

Daily Mail - 4 days ago
The sighting was first published to YouTube by Paranormal Crucible, which was spotted on Thursday – but NASA released the image in March. 'This object definitely looks out of place and in my opinion could be the petrified remnants of a Martian tree...

Alien Exists? UFO Hunters Claim to Detect Ancient Tree Stump on Mars

The TeCake - 3 hours ago
The pictures, clicked by Curiosity Rover were first published by Paranormal Crucible and the US-based space agency – NASA later published the photos, which are showcasing the evidence of tree on Mars. Curiosity Rover on Sol 164 clicked an image...

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Genius is sometimes overlooked even when it presents vast strategic advantage.
There are secrets that could benefit mankind, that are being withheld to give an economic adventure to a greedy few, or secrets that control groups...
“Clearly there is a cover-up of the UFO phenomena,” says Salas, “and clearly the forces in favor of disclosure are at a disadvantage in winning thi...
Denial and narrow mindedness has often given the technological edge to our enemies.



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The US President has stated that he would like to see astronauts visiting Mars before the year 2021. This somewhat unrealistic timetable was hinted...
The phenomenon was first discovered by a group of amateur Aurora Borealis photographers in Alberta. Consisting of a bright strip of light stretchin...
A new study is aiming to identify some of the sailors who died during the ill-fated Arctic expedition. Under the command of Sir John Franklin, the ...
The company behind the futuristic aerial vehicle was financially backed by Google founder Larry Page. The video, which is the first to feature a wo...
Homo naledi's brain may not have been as big as that of a modern human, but it was still sophisticated. When its discovery was first revealed back ...



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Female Cherokee Chief: Let’s replace Andrew Jackson — who defied the Supreme Court and brutally evicted the long-farming Cherokee onto the Trail of Tears — with Wilma Mankiller, first woman […]
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Myth-OS | Uncategorized – Newshttp://myth-os.com/uncategorized/Allegory is a figurative mode of representation conveying meaning other than the literal. Allegory communicates its message by means of symbols.





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Why Myth-OS? Because our office is located on the Icarian Sea, near the monastery of Patmos, where we train binoculars and telescopic lenses on landmark sights of the Apocalypse. In terms of modern psychology, the biblical Revelation is one of the world’s best examples of a so-called abduction or out-of-body experience (OBE).

We also study the local folklore of a little-known group of seafarers, sometimes branded as Mediterranean Corsairs (Kor-seon), who called themselves protectors of Patmos (Palmosa) and defenders of the faith for over two thousand years. From the moral lessons of Aesop and the epic tales of Homer to philosopher-poets of the Golden Age and the most enduring archetypes of mythology, the Icarian-Sea Myth-OS is here for you.

A hollow of the Patmos island cave where John is said to have received the Apocalypse.
The Icarian-Sea is your passage to the cradle of the ancient myths.
If you’re going on that inspired voyage, connect with the Icarian-Sea website…

The well seal was a very old atomic symbol. Full Story…

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