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Looking for breaking news in unconventional categories? Myth-OS is the in-depth site for your pursuit of the unexplained. It inquires into the world’s most remarkable events for you to interpret the best evidence. If you’re thinking of extending beyond the scope of normal investigation and moving into unfamiliar areas, or if you just want to examine the legendary narratives of allegorical myths, follow the Mythos community… [Sign Up]


Future of The Nation State and The Myth of Westphalia

Sputnik International - 1 day ago
In this program, Professor John Breuilly from the London School of Economics explains why they formed, and the hierarchy between ex-imperial and ex-colonial states. Professor ... He sees no future at...

The Real Story Behind the Myth of Area 51

Popular Mechanics - 2 days ago
For all the myths and legends, what's true is that Area 51 is real and still very active. There may not be aliens or a moon landing movie set ... In November 1954, President Eisenhower approved...

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Is Maui A Real Polynesian God? Dwayne Johnson's 'Moana' Character Has Quite The Résumé

Bustle - 3 weeks ago
And though he's not exactly a dead ringer for the Maui in the movie (he's never been depicted as large as he is in Moana), there are still a good number of similarities between the trickster...

The Flickering Myth Reaction to the first Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer

Flickering Myth (blog) - 10 hours ago
Tom Holland's gee whiz, aw shucks, quippy, zippy Spidey is exactly how I imagined the character when reading the comic books. I like the little bits of Tony Stark as a mentor, but I don't...

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EDITORIAL: Everything I learned from the early films of George Lucas

Substream Magazine - 1 day ago
Yes, Star Wars purposely evokes World War II as a good-versus-evil paradigm in which America was clearly on the side of good. You see it in the design of the gunner cockpits on the Millennium Falcon,...

Leonardo DiCaprio Meets with Trump to Talk Green 'Economic Revival'

Breitbart News - 2 days ago
(AP) — Leonardo DiCaprio and the head of his foundation met Wednesday with President-elect Donald Trump to discuss how jobs centered on preserving the environment can boost the economy. In a...

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Cover-up of the Raid? – The journalist Seymour M. Hersh challenged nearly every facet of the semiofficial narrative of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden in his compound in […]
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'The Golden Menagerie' Explores Creatures of Myth and Gemstone

The Epoch Times - 6 days ago
Chapter two, “Wings of Desire,” looks at history and folklore, with three sculptural rings showing the life cycles of birds of prey; a series of five rings depicting mythological and mythologized winged creatures like the hippocamp, swan, and Pegasus...

Why do Dwarves Sound Scottish and Elves Sound Like Royalty?

Atlas Obscura - 3 days ago
From the dwarves and elves of Nordic poetry to Scandinavia's trolls, the basic shape and cultural texture of many of these beings can be linked directly to ancient folklore. But it wasn't until Tolkien's works, which were heavily inspired by such myths...

'Pupula Duplex' In 'The Mummy' Is One of Medicine's Oldest Myths

Inverse - 5 days ago
The new trailer for The Mummy introduces us to Ahmanet, an ancient Egyptian princess who does not fuck around. In the trailer, Ahmanet reacts like most of us would when rudely awoken from a millennia-long slumber: By crashing birds into planes...

Kanchayudha: What to expect from a Sri Lankan encounter

ReadMe Sri Lanka - 18 hours ago
Each episode will have a strong basis in both ancient folklore and confirmed prehistory, two areas that are intertwined more closely in Sri Lanka than any other locale. Perhaps wisely, the creative team behind Kanchayudha has chosen not to directly...

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UFOs spotted flying over Newton Abbot, an 'Alien' hotspot

Headlines & Global News - 7 days ago
Aliens seem to be buzzing all over the world, as HNGN has reported. The latest one is over Newton Abbot. One resident paranormal 'expert', John Mooner, recently caught and captured alien activity. John Mooner explains that he is the "chief photographer...

WEIRDEST UFO EVER? Photographer captures bizarre 'sky portal' on camera

Express.co.uk - 2 weeks ago
"I'm not saying these are aliens from outer space, but it's not anything I am familiar with or have ever seen before or since." MUFON, which also receives reports of alleged alien abductions and other paranormal events assesses images sent to it to see ...and...

Alien soldier set to be stalking Mars rover Curiosity

TopExaminer - 3 weeks ago
Martians have a secret army that we don't know about or NASA hasn't been able to spot or knows about it but is keeping us in the dark – that's according to a new sighting in one of the images beamed back by Mars rover Curiosity. YouTuber...

UFO researcher: When aliens make contact we will have to learn fast

Brisbane Times - 3 days ago
President of UFO Research Queensland, Sheryl Gottschall, has been researching the paranormal for over three decades and shares her insights on all things extraterrestrial . Q: What got you interested in paranormal research? A: Since I was a very young ...and...

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Cosmic Society Opens Telepathic Centers in Europe & World-Wide to Prepare the World ... For First Contact
“History now tells us that German industries as well as Hitler devised a devious plan that enabled them to retain valuable assets even as they appe...
THE TRUTH WILL "OUT" THE CRIMINALS Compiled by Victor Martinez
Donald Trump 'was tailed by a UFO' as he flew across Iowa in his helicopter during the Presidential election campaign
Patrick O'Carroll examines the false pretexts of the Truman Administration that fomented and caused the Korean War



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Scientists have put together a reconstruction of what the famous Scottish king would have looked like. Bruce, who famously led the Scots to victory...
A bizarre science experiment has shown that you don't need to actually eat garlic in order to taste it. In a new video by the American Chemical Soc...
Scientists at Princeton University have simulated what an English-speaking macaque would sound like. Despite the fact that monkey vocalizations sou...
A former security police officer has described the object he witnessed that night as 'not of this world'. It's the UK's best known UFO case and eve...
Glenn became a national hero back in 1962 when he became the first American ever to orbit the Earth. Born in 1921 in eastern Ohio, Glenn's passion ...



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Female Cherokee Chief: Let’s replace Andrew Jackson — who defied the Supreme Court and brutally evicted the long-farming Cherokee onto the Trail of Tears — with Wilma Mankiller, first woman […]
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Myth-OS | Uncategorized – Newshttp://myth-os.com/uncategorized/Allegory is a figurative mode of representation conveying meaning other than the literal. Allegory communicates its message by means of symbols.





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Why Myth-OS? Because our office is located on the Icarian Sea, near the monastery of Patmos, where we train binoculars and telescopic lenses on landmark sights of the Apocalypse. In terms of modern psychology, the biblical Revelation is one of the world’s best examples of a so-called abduction or out-of-body experience (OBE).

We also study the local folklore of a little-known group of seafarers, sometimes branded as Mediterranean Corsairs (Kor-seon), who called themselves protectors of Patmos (Palmosa) and defenders of the faith for over two thousand years. From the moral lessons of Aesop and the epic tales of Homer to philosopher-poets of the Golden Age and the most enduring archetypes of mythology, the Icarian-Sea Myth-OS is here for you.

A hollow of the Patmos island cave where John is said to have received the Apocalypse.
The Icarian-Sea is your passage to the cradle of the ancient myths.
If you’re going on that inspired voyage, connect with the Icarian-Sea website…

The well seal was a very old atomic symbol. Full Story…

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