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New Alaska Airlines Center artwork depicts a myth and the sun

UAA Northern Light - 7 hours ago
The project is part of the Percent for Art in Public Places program, the same program that commissioned the American lion statue by UAA's Natural Sciences Building and “Inflorescence,” the...

Rumours everywhere: Four Lisa Wilkinson myths busted

The Sydney Morning Herald - 6 days ago
While Stefanovic films several 60 Minutes episodes a year as well as the high-rating program This Time Next Year, it is important to note that he steps away from his Today hosting duties to fulfill...

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Borderline Personality Disorder — breaking the stigma, exploding the myth

ABC Local - 3 weeks ago
Dr Haley Peckham has chosen not to hide the multiple self-inflicted scars along her arms as a testament to her struggle with Borderline Personality Disorder [BPD]. Despite her diagnosis almost 20...

The Killing of a Sacred Deer Is Like the Myth of Iphigenia as Directed by Stanley Kubrick

Slate Magazine - 4 days ago
Martin and Steven meet regularly over meals at a neighborhood diner—not, come to think of it, unlike the one where we left Farrell's character in Lanthimos' The Lobster—and they take long...

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The Walking Dead Staggers On for Another Year

The Atlantic - 19 hours ago
In the AMC show's eighth-season premiere Sunday night, Rick finally launched into action, uniting three communities in his zombie-apocalypse world and beginning an open insurrection against...

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women Review

Why Professor ... - 14 hours ago
In this epic and galvanizing year of Wonder Woman, with Gal Gadot's triumphal portrayal of the superheroine this past summer, what are we to make of her ...and...

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Why Myth-OS?

Why Visit Myth-OS? Because we are based at the Icarian Sea, near the monastery of Patmos, where we train binoculars and telescopic lenses on landmark sights of the Apocalypse. In terms of modern psychology, the biblical Revelation is one of the world’s best-known examples of a so-called abduction or out-of-body experience (OBE).

We also note the local folklore of a little-known group of seafarers, sometimes branded as Mediterranean Corsairs (kor-se-on), who, for well over two thousand years, called themselves protectors of Patmos (Palmosa) and defenders of the faith. From the moral lessons of Aesop and the epic tales of Homer, to philosopher-poets of the Golden Age and the most enduring archetypes of Greek mythology, the Icarian-Sea Myth-OS is here for you!

A hollow of the Patmos island cave where John is said to have received the Apocalypse.
The Icarian-Sea is your passage to the cradle of the ancient myths.
If you’re going on that inspired voyage, connect with the Icarian-Sea website.

The well seal was a very old atomic symbol. Full Story.


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Against Anti-Semitism – It is because anti-Semitism has become mainstream. People have become so immune to it that they don’t blink an eyelid… / Emily Banks, We must […]
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Phoenix tracks: Edmonton palaeontologist retraces the stone footsteps of dinosaurs - 5 days ago
Scott Persons with the University of Alberta is helping Lida Xing of the China University of Geosciences explore old and contemporary folklore to uncover possible sites where dinosaur footprints might be found. In ancient China, the discovery of these...

Bonfire at the Iron Furnaces features folklore from Celtic cultures

Scranton Times-Tribune - 2 days ago
“The Welsh and the Irish and the Scottish, they were some of the early settlers of the area, and it's kind of fun to think, in ancient times, these were some of the activities that they were doing.” One activity, the “Wishes Brew,” for ... While the...

Inspired by ancient Persian mythology - 3 weeks ago
My paintings are rooted in my Persian heritage, and based on ancient folklore, but they are relevant to the current geo-political situation, and every viewer can connect with the characters, issues and emotions they deal with,” Aminelahi says. The...

5 Halloween myths and urban legends, debunked

USA TODAY - 6 days ago
But the tales of tainted treats are urban myths. Joel Best, a professor of sociology and criminal ... Some scholars trace Halloween's roots to an ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain, which some say was associated with communing with the dead...

The mystery surrounding black cats on Friday the 13th

My Twin - 2 weeks ago
WAVERLY, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - It's unclear where the black cat myth came from, perhaps ancient folklore. When it comes to Friday the 13th, there's more about black cats than just a myth. Meet Agatha and Sally-Anne, two black cats that at first glance seem...

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FILM: Local UFOlogist shares 'Travis' doc on alien abduction

Montgomery Newspapers - 22 hours ago
According to Stein, Walton and his family were not only approached by news media, but were also harassed by paranormal debunkers. One skeptic is Harvard University psychologist Susan A. Clancy, who mentions Walton's story in her 2005 book “Abducted: ...and...

Close Encounters? AZ Ranch Said to Be Visited by Aliens Flies on the Market News - 3 weeks ago
The home has been featured on the Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures" and multiple paranormal and alien websites. A neighbor has also witnessed unusual activity on the property, which is relatively isolated. “This property's not going to be for the...

Billy Corgan says he saw a person transform into something other than human

Mashable - 6 days ago
... news and insane conspiracies to right-wing nut jobs, including the one that alien lifeforms are living on Earth. That's when Corgan revealed he's had his very own paranormal experience. "Not to add to the conspiracy, but I've had paranormal ...and...

FILM: Local UFOlogist shares 'Travis' doc on alien abduction

Daily Local News - 23 hours ago
The 1993 Paramount Pictures film “Fire in the Sky” brought a mysterious tale of abduction by extra-terrestrials to the big screen. But according to 1973...

Alien hunters discover 'UFO highway' across America | Fox News

Fox News - 4 weeks ago
A brother and sister alien hunting team have discovered a “UFO highway” across America along which hundreds of unexplained events have taken place - from ...and...

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An Open Letter to Tom DeLonge concerning the most important case his team needs to investigate.
Multiple videos, photos, Forensic Acoustic Analysis & Eyewitness Accounts Prove that Steven Paddock did not work alone.
Steve Erdmann explores how the Ike-Nixon & the Dulles Brothers fostered the military industrial complex that has evolved into a Deep State Monstros...
As a result of his demands by constant FOIA (Freedom of Information requests) and other citizen actions, Peter Dale Scott (long-time author into po...
Patrick O'Carroll gives vent to the Apollo Moon Hoax Theory



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Authorities have been investigating a recent 'attack' on a number of protected centuries-old trees. The incident, which occurred at Koolunga House ...
The world-famous physicist hopes that his doctorate will encourage people to 'look up at the stars'. Featuring Hawking's actual handwritten signatu...
Diver John Craig had been spear fishing off the coast of Western Australia when the incident occurred. Craig, who moved from Sunderland in the UK t...
Solar observations made by a satellite were interrupted this week when the Moon made a sneaky appearance. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) s...
Palaeontologists have unearthed the skeleton of a meat-eating dinosaur dating back over 76 million years. The remarkably well-preserved tyrannosaur...



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Hillary Wants to Preach: Religion is playing a big role in Clinton’s post-election tour. What does she have to gain from sharing her faith now? Hillary Wants to Preach. Green, […]
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