Uri Geller at Stanford Research Institute

April 21, 2011 in Chronovisor, New Age Science, Psychic & Paranormal, Uri Geller by Webmaster

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Uri Geller - Remote Perception at Stanford Research Institute

Uri Geller – Remote Perception at Stanford Research Institute http://site.uri-geller.com/remote_perception_at_stanford_research_institute The Stanford Research Institute conducted experiments on Uri Geller’s abilities. Here you can find the full scientific paper…


“Substantiation of psychic claims by accepted scientific methodology has been slow in coming, but recent laboratory experiments, especially in the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia, and more recently in our own laboratory, have indicated that sufficient evidence does exist to warrant serious scientific investigation. It would appear that experiments could be conducted with scientific rigor to uncover not just a catalog of interesting events, but rather a pattern of cause-effect relationships of the type that lend themselves to analysis and hypothesis in the forms with which we are familiar in the physical sciences.”


Myth-OS | Paranormalist Uri Geller

Myth-OS | Paranormalist Uri Gellerhttp://myth-os.com/paranormalist-uri-geller/Israeli-born Uri Geller is one of the world’s most investigated and celebrated mystifiers.
Myth-OS | Psychic & Paranormal — Community Stories

Myth-OS | Psychic & Paranormal — Community Storieshttp://myth-os.com/psychic-paranormal/Paranormal is a term to designate occurrences that lie beyond the range of normal experience and scientific explanation.



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Uri Geller at Stanford Research Institute

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    evidence does exist for serious ESP investigation

Uri Geller at Stanford Research Institute

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