A visit to the Holy Mountain

April 23, 2011 in Mainstream Religion, Shroud of Turin by Webmaster

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Mt. Athos: A visit to the Holy Mountain

Mt. Athos: A visit to the Holy Mountain http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/04/21/60minutes/main20056101.shtml Bob Simon steps back in time when he gets rare access to monks in ancient monasteries on a remote Greek peninsula who have lived a Spartan life of prayer in a tradition virtually…


extremely rare access to the monasteries at Mt. Athos

Mt. Athos was created by ancient Byzantine emperors to be the spiritual capital of Orthodox Christianity. Millions of Orthodox Christians believe it is the most sacred place on Earth.

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Myth-OS | Mainstream Religion – Newshttp://myth-os.com/mainstream-religion/Religion is a cultural system that creates powerful and long-lasting meaning by establishing symbols that relate humanity to truths and values. Many religions have sacred histories that are intended to give purpose to life.




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