Clint Eastwood’s Hereafter

May 20, 2011 in Mainstream Religion, Oprah, Other Faiths, Psychic & Paranormal by Webmaster

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Hereafter – Derrick Bracey for Weekly Surge

Clint Eastwood is not afraid to stretch as a filmmaker, beginning this film with a dizzying, special-effects extravaganza of a tsunami wiping out a whole Asian city….can anyone say “bad timing?” But hang in there because, although Hereafter is melancholy and gloomy, it is rewarding.

Matt Damon returns for his second Eastwood film on his lifelong tour of working with every great director still alive.

Damon proves he can kick ass while kicking ass or kicking out a nuanced, dramatic performance. French actress Cecile De France shows why she’s one of Variety’s “Top Ten Actors to Watch.” Newcomer and British youngster George McLaren handles a big job playing twins – one that has died and one in mourning.



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Myth-OS | Mainstream Religion – News is a cultural system that creates powerful and long-lasting meaning by establishing symbols that relate humanity to truths and values. Many religions have sacred histories that are intended to give purpose to life.




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Other Faiths – News | Myth-OS is the confident belief or trust in the truth or reliability of a person, concept or thing.




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Myth-OS | Psychic & Paranormal – News is a term to designate occurrences that lie beyond the range of normal experience and scientific explanation, or phenomena that are outside of science’s current ability to explain and measure…




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