The Rothschild-Alien Treaty

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The Rothschild family established European banking from the late 18th century. The Rothschilds (originally Bauer) are supposedly from a country called Khazaria, which occupied the land between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.

The Khazars were Turkic people of Tengri shamanism that were required to convert to Judaism in the 7th century. The Tengri shaman outwardly derives from Troy (or Ilium), a factual and celebrated city near the Black Sea. Place names found in Hittite texts are now identified with ancient Troy, mentioned in epic poems attributed to Homer. While Ottoman jihadist forces besieged Vienna, Khazar colonies expanded all through Bavaria and the Black Forest.

The Rothschilds have recently become the target of unofficial reports claiming that the family sponsored the Bavarian Illuminati, a fringe-Masonic occult society that controls the world’s wealth and financial institutions, and encourages wars between governments. It is estimated to be the wealthiest bloodline in the world.

The young man was casually dressed. His long brown hair was tied in a ponytail. He had the discrete look of an industrialist’s offspring, well adapted to being in front of others. With his Trojan profile he could draw the attention of any woman he desired.

A grand transfer of wealth was about to take place in an undisclosed location. His presence was absolutely required. On this evening he was to receive the title deed of his inheritance. Police cars flashed bright sirens at four corners of the street block. A large carriage vehicle stopped before him. But suddenly a man with a white beard walked out of the shadows. A stranger was now watching.

Telephones began to ring from Washington to Brussels, Moscow and Beijing. Scientists had detected Earth-equivalent amounts of water within the moon.

The Drake equation describes the formula for estimating the number of alien civilizations within the galaxy. However, recent measurements by Brown University showed that some parts of the lunar mantle have as much water as the Earth’s upper mantle. The odds of suitability for habitation on the moon considerably increased: “There is water inside the moon — so much, in fact, that in some places it rivals the amount of water found within the Earth.”

According to examiner Gary S. Bekkum, one of the most remarkable pieces of “evidence” for alien bases on the far side of the moon came from US government consultant and remote viewer Ingo Swann. It was reported that Uri Geller, Pat Price, and Ingo Swann were tested for remote viewing by the CIA under the direction of Andrijah Puharich. Harold E. Puthoff and Russell Targ conducted some of the experimentation.

Many millions of html links point to website summaries that formal contact with aliens has been established. It is also alleged that security agencies were created especially to deal with aliens and that military men and politicians impose a cover-up as governments scrutinize alien technology. The pronouncement of Earth-equivalent amounts of water within the moon adds new weight to the Drake equation.

The Georgia Guidestones is a large granite monument in Elbert County, Georgia, USA, sometimes referred to as an “American Stonehenge.” A message comprising ten guides is inscribed on the structure in several languages. Unknown persons under the pseudonym “R.C. Christian” built the structure in 1979.

Among its guidelines are beliefs that the world’s population should be maintained fewer than 500,000,000. Human reproduction should be “guided.” And a one-world court should be established. Critics of the Guidestones say that a Rosicrucian cult of the Illuminati linked to the “New World Order” built the structure.

The young man observed the carriage motor vehicle. He would soon take over most of the wealth of the world. But the principles were determined before he was born. Still the unexpected attendance of a stranger upset him when he became aware of a telepathic entanglement.

“Only half a billion people will remain,” a voice bounced back in his mind. “To work for the military-industrial complex and the financial sector of corrupt bankers and legalized theft.”

Some scientists have mentioned the possibility of an alien civilization coming to our planet to extract our mineral resources. Others say the most valuable resource is DNA and even if our world leaders tend to disrespect the cost of intelligent life, an alien civilization could see it as exceptionally precious. The claim of large amounts of water within the moon transforms any starting-point for the Drake equation.

“Over two-thirds of the Earth’s human population will be airlifted in a 72-hour journey to a safer atmosphere,” the voice said. “What’s left? Destroyers of the human body who exploit criminal activities and military killers will remain to maneuver your war economy. It’s a deal you can’t refuse.”

The up-and-coming space tourism industry offers a way to take the ultimate retreat. “Space tourism, an idea that might seem frivolous to serious rocket scientists, is actually a key next step in the evolution of space flight,” according to a recent International Space Development Conference. The detection of Earth-equivalent amounts of water within the moon could be an important milestone for the emerging space tourism sphere. So-called cases of “alien abduction” have been reported over many years. Aliens purportedly carry out several technical procedures to study the DNA of intelligent life.

The round symbol of a serpent was embossed on an inside partition of the motor vehicle. It was an emblem of Neo-shamanism worn by the Illuminati. The young man with a Trojan profile coolly turned to his security guard. But there was no need. The unexpected stranger had gone into the nightfall shadows.

Nevertheless, the memory of an old European coin stayed in the young man’s mind. It was the mythological emblem of two naked men standing side by side. Between them was a clouded mast or pillar of fire. Who were they?

Were you at the Day of Rotunda?
Were you with the Sons of Thunder?

“Naked male workers working under bright lights on the moon, tall buildings, exotic machinery, and strange vehicles leaving tracks in the lunar dust – all this and much more was seen by Ingo Swann, the man most responsible for the phenomenon known as remote viewing.”


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The Rothschild-Alien Treaty


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The Rothschild-Alien Treaty

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