Iran Withholds Persian Classic

August 19, 2011 in Classics, Conspiracy, Mainstream Religion by Webmaster

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Iranian Censors' Heavy Hand Falls On A Persian Classic - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty  © 2011

Iran Censors A Persian Classic Many authoritarian regimes censor books for political reasons. But Iran goes so far in also tampering with books for self-claimed religious reasons that the Islamic…

The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance decided that some parts of the epic poem “Khosrow and Shirin” by Nezami Ganjavi needed reworking, despite the fact that the book-length masterpiece has been a classic of Iranian literature for 831 years.

Farrokh, 2005

The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance has given no official explanation for its decision to belatedly censor the epic.  But one objection reportedly concerns the poem’s reference to the heroine Shirin embracing a male body.

Thus, a phrase such as “they kissed and that night slept together for the first time” becomes “they looked at each other and then told one another it’s better to have some more time.” The phrase “have some more time” has become a synonym in Iran for going to bed.   more


By Charles Recknagel

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty © 2011



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