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August 28, 2011 in Ancient Myths, Fortean, Ghosts & Monsters by Webmaster

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Mask maker keeping Shimane tradition alive | The Japan Times Online

Mask maker keeping Shimane tradition alive   Some depict outlandish beings with horns and frightening fangs. Even those that seem more terrestrial possess some quirky feature — a wonky, spoutlike mouth, or eyes so…  


Iwamikagura is one of several types of kagura (literally, god-entertainment), a ceremonial dance whose roots can be found in shamanic possession rites originally performed by priests.

Some believe that its earliest form was a ritual derived from the legendary tale of the sun goddess Amaterasu and the entertaining way in which Ame-no-Uzume — the goddess credited with introducing fun to the world — persuaded her reclusive, cave-dwelling counterpart to lighten up and join the party.

Jake Davies’ fascination with kagura in general and the Iwami masks in particular began eight years ago when he and his Japanese wife, Yoko, both tired of city life in Kyoto, decided to take part in the “U-turn/I-turn” program, a government-backed project aimed at luring urbanites into depopulated rural areas.   more

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