Dolphins and Alien Life

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Dolphins, Aliens, and the Search for Intelligent Life

Dolphins, Aliens, and the Search for Intelligent Life How do we define intelligence? SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, clearly equates intelligence with technology (or, more precisely, the building of radio or…


While SETI scans the galaxy for evidence of advanced alien civilizations, what can studying dolphins teach us about non-human intelligence?

Ever since the 1960s, when John Lilly popularized the notion that dolphins may be cleverer than your average animal, dolphin intelligence has courted controversy, tempted us with tantalizing but thin evidence, and remained elusive.

How complex dolphin communication really is remains to be seen. We must be careful not to anthropomorphize. We know their communication has nuances that are incredibly complex, but so do other species of animal, from bees to plants. Do dolphins have language with the scope and breadth to converse about anything like we can with human language, or is it more basic?

By escaping the assumption that intelligence must equal technology, we see that there are many other intelligences on Earth…   more


by Keith Cooper

Astrobiology Magazine



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