Men Who Stare at Aliens

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PsycheLeaks | The Men Who Stared at Extraterrestrial Aliens | January 28, 1987: Defense Intelligence Agency Source Reports Extraterrestrial Biological Entities on Earth and Titan | CIA STAR GATE Files     From the “Truth is Stranger Than Fiction” Department: CIA STAR GATE file reveals how DIA ‘remote viewers’ spied on alleged extraterrestrial alien beings in the solar…


According to the report, as of the end of January 1987, DIA ‘paranormal STAR GATE troopers’ had ‘observed’ three kinds of alien biological entities at various locations in the solar system, including locations right here on the Earth.

The report describes some of the entities — notably those alleged based at Titan — as looking human. Two different kinds of entities were alleged to have been ‘observed’ at Mount Hayes, a mountain in eastern Alaska.

When Ingo Swann was allegedly given lunar coordinates by a mysterious black-ops agency in the 1970s, he claims to have witnessed human-like entities building structures on the Moon.

Here we present the full original report as issued by the CIA in the STAR GATE files collection…     more





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