New Atheism is a Men’s Club

September 26, 2011 in Beliefnet, Mainstream Religion, Oprah, Uncategorized by Webmaster

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Why the New Atheism is a boys' club | Victoria Bekiempis | Comment is free |

Why the New Atheism is a boys’ club | Victoria Bekiempis | Comment is free | it that female intellectuals are less rational and contrarian than male secularists? Or just that society prefers lionising men?


Women are God-fearing and don’t challenge institutions. Men, on the other hand, are skeptical and rational, and go out of their way to publicly call bullshit on faith and religion — which is why today’s well-known secular thinkers, especially in the ranks of the New Atheism movement, are all male.


These statements should sound ridiculous because, of course, they are.

So, is new-style atheism the sausage party that media coverage would suggest? Without getting into an impossible intellectual debate — the kind dealing with pinpointing exactly who was the first to come up with or popularise a particular idea — suffice it to say no, not hardly.

No woman is invoked in the mainstream media’s anointing of atheist thought leaders. Is it that rationality — the bedrock of New Atheist doctrine — is historically gendered male, while women are considered more emotional?     more

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