The Noose Around Relativity Tightens

November 28, 2011 in Chronovisor, Michio Kaku, New Age Science, Paperclip by Webmaster

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The Noose Around Relativity is Tightening | Dr. Kaku's Universe | Big Think

The Noose Around Relativity is Tightening | Dr. Kaku’s Universe | Big Think A couple of months ago, physicists at CERN, Switzerland, claimed they had found a fatal flaw in Einstein’s theory of relativity. Their findings immediately lit up the Internet…


If you aren’t aware already — This is extremely bad news for relativity. According to Einstein, nothing can go faster than light, so a neutrino beam cannot possibly outrace a light beam! If this is the case – All hell breaks loose, time goes backwards and all of modern physics has to essentially be redone.

But there is still hope for true believers (like me). The weak link in all this is not the neutrino beam at all, but the GPS system used to measure the distance between Geneva and Italy. Several physicists have gone public to challenge the results and claim that the CERN group in fact miscalibrated the distance between Geneva, the GPS satellite, and Italy.


by Michio Kaku

Dr. Kaku’s Universe




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Myth-OS | New Age Science – News New Age movement draws on both Eastern and Western spiritual and metaphysical traditions and infuses them with influences from quantum science and self-help.




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