Media Discovers Mormon Sex

November 30, 2011 in Beliefnet, Mainstream Religion, Other Faiths by Webmaster

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Media discovers Mormon views on sex  » GetReligion

Media discovers Mormon views on sex » GetReligion you sitting down? I hope you’re sitting down. OK. Well, some religions include teachings on sex. Actual doctrines.


As a local bishop, Mitt Romney conducted annual interviews with all the members of his flock, and he used his time with the newcomer to express both his disapproval of divorce and to remind the middle-aged woman, who had begun dating again, about the church’s opposition to premarital sex.

“I got awfully mad,” said Carolyn Caci, now 80. “I told him it was none of his business and he said it was.”

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This story reminds me very much of the time a classmate told me that my dad, our pastor, had told her mom that she was damned to hell. Now, this doesn’t quite sound like my dad — ok, it sounds nothing like my dad — but my friend was convinced that during a private meeting with her mother, he’d told her nothing other than that she was going straight to eternal damnation. Why? My friend didn’t know but she sure thought it was mean. I was no more there than my classmate was, but my dad explained that he’d simply been talking to her about how she was living with someone and what the church has to say about such arrangements. That does sound like something my dad would do.

The fact is that Jesus talked a fair amount about sex and about how sex relates to marriage. That is not something that the mainstream media or popular culture seem to understand, much less agree with, but that’s not really something that binds many religious leaders.     more

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