Are Other Dimensions Light Speed Shortcuts?

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Neutrinos in race with light |

Neutrinos in race with light | mydigitalfc.com new flaws that came to light, another set of tests are being planned that could leave Einstein’s 106-year-old theory of special relativity in danger.




About five months ago, the scientific community was sent into a tailspin. Scientists at Cern, the world’s largest physics lab based in Switzerland, announced a startling finding: Subatomic particles with very small mass, called neutrinos, were found travelling faster than the speed of light.

Surprisingly, when the Cern team of physicists announced that they had proved Einstein wrong, even they weren’t convinced. So they ran the test again and broke the speed of light for a second time.

As it happens, the scientists are gearing up for a third round of experiments this spring. Once again, the lab on the French border will fire neutrinos their way, but this time, several instruments will clock them.   more


By Varun Dutt Mar 12 2012




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