Evidence Biblical Flood Happened

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Noah’s Ark model by Johan Huibers

December 11, 2012

In 1985, using a robotic submersible equipped with remote-controlled cameras, Robert Ballard and his crew hunted down the world’s most famous shipwreck, the Titanic. Now Ballard is using even more advanced robotic technology to travel farther back in time. Ballard and his team went to the Black Sea region to look for the flood.

Four hundred feet below the surface, they unearthed an ancient shoreline, proof to Ballard that a catastrophic event did happen in the Black Sea. By carbon dating shells found along the shoreline, Ballard said he believes they have established a timeline for that catastrophic event, which he estimates happened around 5,000 BC. Some experts believe this was around the time when Noah’s flood could have occurred.

A Black Sea region mega-flood. Many archaeologists believe that such an event may have happened, even if it doesn’t strictly match up to legendary accounts.

New Evidence Suggests Biblical Great Flood of Noah's Time Happened

New Evidence Suggests Biblical Great Flood of Noah’s Time Happenedhttp://abcnews.go.com/The story of Noah’s Ark and the Great Flood is one of the most famous from the Bible, and now an acclaimed underwater archaeologist thinks he has found proof that the biblical…

Evidence Noah’s Biblical Flood Happened, Says Robert Ballard
Dec. 10, 2012
ABC News

New Evidence Suggests Noah’s Biblical Flood Actually Happened

New Evidence Suggests Noah’s Biblical Flood Actually Happenedhttp://www.inquisitr.com/432343/new-evidence-suggests-noahs-biblical-flood-actually-happened/The Biblical account of Noah’s Ark and the Great Flood rides the line between fact and fiction, depending on your religious prejudices…


New Evidence Suggests Noah’s Biblical Flood Actually Happened
December 10, 2012
The Inquisitr


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