Pope Sixtus VI: An Inglorious Guide to Hitler’s Doubles

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Recently released war records reveal the use of a “political decoy” (doppelganger or body-double) –– a look-alike trained to impersonate Hitler in order to draw attention away from him and deal with risks on his behalf.

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Preface - Read This First

Preface – Read This Firsthttp://www.blackraiser.com/plainfacts/The Stargate Project was the code name of a commission by the U.S. Government to explore claims of advanced psychic functioning. It evolved from research conducted at the…


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It is documented that the Nazi Fuhrer vetted at least four doubles.
Peter Fotis Kapnistos details their names, their peace-time occupations, their deaths, and an uncivil escape to South America



Pope Sixtus VI: An Inglorious Guide To Hitler’s Doubles (2013) 


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  •       Preface
  •       Pope Sixtus VI: An Inglorious Guide to Hitler’s Doubles (1/11)
  •       Pope Sixtus VI(2/11)
  •       Pope Sixtus VI(3/11)
  •       Pope Sixtus VI(4/11)
  •       Pope Sixtus VI(5/11)
  •       Pope Sixtus VI(6/11)
  •       Pope Sixtus VI(7/11)
  •       Pope Sixtus VI(8/11)
  •       Pope Sixtus VI(9/11)
  •       Pope Sixtus VI(10/11)
  •       Pope Sixtus VI(11/11)



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