The Wisdom of Myths

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(February 6, 2014) – You are interviewing candidates for a senior position in your company. This one seems to have the Midas touch. But his achilles heel is that he was doing so well in his previous job that he will be suspected of being a Trojan horse, bringing the company into chaos in readiness for a cheap takeover.

It is not just in English that allusions to ancient Greek myths survive, though they are used in different languages in subtly different ways.

What, for instance, is the life lesson in the story of Achilles’ heel? When you are trying to immortalise your babies by burning off their mortality in a fire, make sure you lock the door to stop your husband interrupting? And what is the lesson of the story of poor unwitting Oedipus? Don’t murder anyone old enough to be your father and don’t marry anyone old enough to be your mother? more…

By James Davidson, Guardian News and Media Limited.

Luc Ferry’s “The Wisdom of the Myths.”myths-review

James Davidson’s “The Greeks and Greek Love”.

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