Virgin Sacrifice and the Parthenon

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(Feb 12, 2014) — The Parthenon is the most iconic building on the Athenian Acropolis, and it has evoked a dizzying range of responses over the centuries. A new book contends that we may not really understand this iconic monument.


Photo by Yannis Behrakis/Reuters

In “The Parthenon Enigma,” New York University classicist Joan Breton Connelly attempts to strip away layers of accumulated interpretation and offer a new understanding of the Parthenon and those who built it.

The traditional interpretation of the Parthenon as treasury and monument to Athenian democracy has the advantage of not sullying our image of the rational Greeks with stories of virgin sacrifice. But a line from Euripides’ fragmentary play shows just how much ancient democratic values may have differed from our own. more…

Nick Romeo, Virgin Sacrifice and the Meaning of the Parthenon The Daily Beast


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