David Wilcock Death Threat

December 21, 2011 in by Webmaster

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A Quick Update from David Wilcock

    David Wilcock: Update 12/17, 10:45 PM The new article has forced me to do a lot of research and preparation, including a summary overview before I go into the interview section. However, I must say it is truly remarkable to see how it is all coming together. I really love writing, and other than The Source Field Investigations, this is the…
David Wilcock sent a message very early this morning that Benjamin is, apparently, okay.
Here is his message:
UPDATE, 12:44 AM SAME NIGHT: We just found out that Fulford is alive and OK. He may have been held in the hotel for his own protection, but we do not know yet. More information will follow as soon as we get it and will be updated below.


Posted on December 15, 2011 by Jean
Everything said here applies equally to Ben Fulford … and for that matter Bradley Manning as well.
David Wilcock has been threatened with mind control, torture, and death for having publicized the court case against people alleged to have stolen so-called Japanese bonds worth in excess of $134 billion.


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UPDATE WEDNESDAY 3:48 PM: I have received a very serious death threat from a highly-placed insider, who told me it would be “a very good idea” for me to release Part Two tonight. I will be working non-stop towards that goal. More at the bottom of the article.

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