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Harry Potter Magic History

– England’s most famous wizard’s apprentice has made it to the hallowed halls of the British Library. Harry Potter – a History of Magic reveals the sorcery at the heart of the Potter series….

We must all take a stand against vile anti-Semitism


Emily Banks, Harry Potter ‘History of Magic’ exhibit opens in London, dw.com,
20 Oct 2017…


Against Anti-Semitism

– It is because anti-Semitism has become mainstream. People have become so immune to it that they don’t blink an eyelid…

We must all take a stand against vile anti-Semitism


Emily Banks, We must all take a stand against vile anti-Semitism, hamhigh.co.uk, 13 August 2017…


Cover-up of the Raid?

– The journalist Seymour M. Hersh challenged nearly every facet of the semiofficial narrative of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden in his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, that has emerged over the years. Hersh alleged a vast cover-up that involves hundreds, possibly thousands, of people and goes all the way to President Obama himself..

Jack the Ripper DNA Hoax? | Government Secrets

http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/12/us/seymour-hersh-article-alleges-cover-up-in-bin-laden-hunt.htmlhttp://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/12/us/seymour-hersh-article-alleges-cover-up-in-bin-laden-hunt.html/MATTHEW ROSENBERG,
“Seymour Hersh Article Alleges Cover-Up in Bin Laden Hunt” (MAY 11, 2015),
New York Times…


Jack the Ripper DNA Hoax?

– Like the infamous blue dress of Monica Lewinsky, a DNA match suggests that hairdresser Aaron Kosminski had sex with Catherine Eddowes (Scotland Yard already suspected that he probably did). But it does not prove that he killed her. Kosminski was long regarded as by far the most likely perpetrator who frequented the Whitechapel prostitutes. Actual proof that Kosminski killed anyone never emerged.

Jack the Ripper DNA Hoax? | Government Secrets

Jack the Ripper DNA Hoax? | Government Secretshttp://governmentsecrets.com/2014/09/jack-the-ripper-dna-hoax/In Russell Edwards’ new book, “Naming Jack the Ripper” (2014), Dr Jari Louhelainen said the killer’s DNA on a shawl was from the Polish-Jewish barber Aaron Kosminski. “However,…


Soviet Autopsy: Hitler Died But His Double Escaped

– Could a political decoy be held accountable because his presence as a double at a site of a mass murder was enough to implicate him in the murders that were carried out there?

Soviet Autopsy: Hitler Died But His Double Escaped | Government Secrets

Soviet Autopsy: Hitler Died But His Double Escaped | Government Secretshttp://governmentsecrets.com/2014/08/soviet-autopsy-hitler-died-but-his-double-escaped/?fb_action_ids=10152661150871484&fb_action_types=og.commentsFirst published in 1968, “The Death of Adolf Hitler: Unknown Documents from Soviet Archives,” by journalist Lev Bezymenski was the means by which the Soviet Union…


Inside Duty?

If 9/11 was “an inside job,” why would the US government deliberately want to destroy the World Trade Center? Possibly because the largest field office of the CIA was part of Building 7.

9/11 an Inside Duty? | Government Secrets

9/11 an Inside Duty? | Government Secretshttp://governmentsecrets.com/2014/06/911-an-inside-duty/The New York station was believed to have been the largest and most important CIA domestic station outside the Washington area. “But United States intelligence officials…

Gnostic Tolkien:

Is Tolkien’s Fantasy Gnostic?

tolkienThere certainly are some Tolkien lovers who in their misplaced zeal believe that there is only one legitimate opinion about the Catholicity of Tolkien’s writing, just as there are Potterites who believe the Christian credentials of J.K. Rowling are unassailable. But Father X has gone to the other extreme trying to prove that the only legitimate position of a good Catholic is to swear off Tolkien’s mythology entirely.

Mary Victrix



Film and Myth:

Analyzing Gravity and All is Lost with some Captain Phillips

Gravity film poster © Warner Bros. Pictures | IMP Awards

Gravity film poster © Warner Bros. Pictures | IMP Awards


Eli Zaretsky

Two films frequently cited together on the best films lists for 2013 were Gravity and All is Lost. As many reviewers noted, the films featured isolated individuals up against the cold, impersonal forces of the universe — the dark void of outer space for Sandra Bullock in Gravity and the dark depths of the Indian Ocean for Robert Redford in All is Lost. Less noted was a crucial difference between the two films: Sandra Bullock survives and Robert Redford dies. Intrinsically connected to these outcomes is another difference: Gravity is the story of a woman; All is Lost is the story of a man. Through examining this difference we can learn how contemporary film achieves its effects through mobilizing unconscious mythic and archetypal images, especially those concerning gender.





Climate change intensifies before our eyes as summers warm, droughts expand, polar ice caps melt, and those who live in coastal areas are threatened by rising waters. This occurs amid heightened use of radioactive and other toxic chemicals, the destruction of biodiversity and a drive to pull the last resources out of the Earth so that nothing will be left to future generations.

Green Party USA: Economic/ecological crises of the 21st century — A deep green alternative




Lovecraft: the writer – The British graphic novel company Self Made Hero will publish the latest of many comic adaptations of Howard Phillips Lovecraft’s novels and stories. Called The Shadow Out of Time, this 1936 story, one of Lovecraft’s last, tells of university professor Nathaniel Wingate Peaslee, who collapses one day in 1908 and doesn’t come to his senses until 1913 – though in the intervening five years, his body has certainly been active, powered by agencies from beyond our world.




Vatican can’t take credit card payments – If you’re planning on visiting the Vatican any time soon, take plenty of cash for tickets and souvenirs. Vatican museums and shops have been unable to accept credit or debit card payments since Jan. 1, after the Bank of Italy prevented Deutsche Bank from providing the service due to concerns about financial oversight in the city-state, sources familiar with the matter told

Vatican can’t take credit card payments

Posted on January 4th, 2013

By Mark Thompson, CNN

Allegory or Symbolism?

– No matter used in vernacular language or academic form of writing, ‘allegory’ and ‘symbolism’ are frequently confused and mistakenly understood. Both are closely related terms identified with carrying along a secondary gist underneath the surface meaning, creating ambiguity or a sort of puzzlement at times. Yet, while allegories are creatively designed to convey a moral message or lesson through a story often echoing a historical, cultural, or religious impression, symbols form an entirely different area of meaning through an object or an entity, but not a story.

Posted by Pouria on Dec 14, 2012


Did Russian Prime Minister Disclose Alien?

– Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has spoken about top secret files on aliens that may have landed in Russia. In footage recorded after a television interview, the former president joked that each Russian leader gets two folders with information about extraterrestrials that visited our planet — and stayed here..
Phantoms and Monsters

“God Particle” Found?

– Historic Milestone From Higgs Boson Hunters. Newfound particle may be at the core of existence. Teams working at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) are more than 99 percent certain they’ve discovered the Higgs boson, aka the God particle—or at the least a brand-new particle exactly where they expected the Higgs to be.

National Geographic News


The Avengers

– Marvel’s The Avengers is an American superhero film produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures, based on the Marvel Comics superhero team. The film has received positive reviews from most film critics and set numerous box office records, including the biggest opening weekend in North America.



Classical Studies

– Myth-OS is more than anomalous phenomena and weird news. We have now added “The Classics” to our Initiatives. The Classics, encompassing Classical Studies, is the branch of the Humanities comprising the culture of the ancient Mediterranean world.



The Space Elevator

– Might certain reports of cows being lifted into the sky from rural farms be proof of untimely or covered up space elevator experiments? Competing space elevator projects are noticeably gathering pace.



The Gods vs. Aliens Debate

– Extraterrestrials allegedly taught humans the study of astronomy, geometry, and monolith construction. But why couldn’t they teach us the difference between imaginary gods and living aliens?


Entanglement Jump Room Mechanics 101

– While physicists and philosophers grapple with the implications for the nature of causation and the structure of the Universe, some physicists are busy putting entanglement to work in applications such as “teleporting” atoms and producing uncrackable encryption…


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