Woman’s Mythos

Woman’s Mythos

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The Beauty Myth:  How Images of Beauty Are Used Against Women – is a nonfiction book by Naomi Wolf, published in 1991. It was republished in 2002 with a new introduction by Wolf. The basic premise of The Beauty Myth is that as women have gained increased social power and prominence, expected adherence to standards of physical beauty has grown stronger for women.





Who’s the bigger feminist? – Two smart, super successful women recently wrote books about women that were not exactly well received by critics. Both books sparked national debate in the US. Both can be viewed as feminist manifestos for the new woman, whoever she may be.






Perpetuating the stereotype of the female
– Before a person finishes reading this letter, thousands of women all over
the world would have been raped.  Among the victims would be the young
and the old, rich and poor, married and unmarried.  They will be from
every country and culture in the world including those areas where women are
draped from head to toe..








Eros and Psyche
– Pagan rituals are performed with the whole body as well as the mind and the heart. They have an erotic quality – not overtly, but sublimated and transmuted. Ritual is sensual, and involves all the senses. This erotic aspect of worship is frequently expressed by medieval Christian mystics, Sufis like the poet
Rumi, as well as contemporary Pagans.


Eros and Psyche

Posted: December 26, 2012 By yvonne







Deborah Kass: Through the Mirror – For those who haven’t experienced the Deborah Kass effect, suffice that I compare it to the Virginia Woolf Effect–the phasing in and out of time streams and locales, masculine and feminine identities. The difference is that, the Kass Effect isn’t achieved in reading a story, but in viewing a painting. If the comparison seems eccentric, consider that Kass is invested in making visual art a process akin to the literary and theatrical experience of entering into the minds and bodies of her subjects with the same disregard for physical boundaries that is the facility afforded writers of fictions and histories. Except, of course, that her language is as much the iconography and signage of pictures and paint as it is the written word. Or really, and quite literally, the painted word.








Carolyn Rose Goyda offers words of hope on the global Occupy Movements. We have the power to change our world. We have the numbers & the technology. All it takes is intent & action. The Starfire Wolflair of Carolyn Rose Goyda will be a home to an interactive news & discussion area – we will focus on the positive & solutions & fun.


The Starfire Wolflair of Carolyn Rose Goyda






Interested in Norse mythology? Lady of the Labyrinth is Maria Kvilhaug. Maria is a scholar of the history of religions with specialty in mythology, especially Old Norse mythology and ancient goddess symbolism. She runs the YouTube channels LadyoftheLabyrinth, TheOdinMysteries and WakethePriestess.


Earth Mythic Library






Girl Scouts Are From Venus. When the Indiana House of Representatives took up a resolution to honor the Girl Scouts’ 100th anniversary, freshman Republican representative Bob Morris refused to sign. Instead he sent colleagues a letter warning that the Girl Scouts were not a benign, cookie-peddling kids’ organization but rather “a group that has been subverted in the name of liberal progressive politics” with “surprisingly radical policies” — and, in fact, “a tactical arm of Planned Parenthood.”
The Atlantic – Mar 5 2012
There’s this whole mythos about the fat body that it’s uniformly unattractive. It’s a common statement for most fat people or people who prefer fat partners that their sexuality is no different from someone who prefers thin partners. When fat women are made to feel they must live in the future, that they must conform to an ideal before they can have a voice in everyday life and the bedroom, they experience a sense of disembodiment.

Boston.com (blog)

Love comes in all sizes: An exploration of fat sexuality, part I

Marriages are very greedy, especially with women’s time. With more Americans living alone than ever before, sociologist Eric Klinenberg explains the surprising social and environmental benefits of going solo.

The Myth of the Lonely American

(Mother Jones) – Feb. 23, 2012

Spend the entire day with yourself treating yourself like this mythos of the perfect partner would treat you. Give yourself breakfast in bed. Buy yourself flowers. Spend the day at a spa.

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