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Psychic & Paranormal
Paranormal is a term (coined ca. 1915-1920) to designate occurrences that lie beyond the range of normal experience and scientific explanation, or phenomena that are outside of science’s current ability to explain and measure. A psychic is a person who professes an ability to perceive information hidden from the normal senses.

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Synchronicity and the Secret of the Co-creator

If you believe synchronicity is simply coincidence, then you haven’t read any of the top experts in the field.
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Psychic & Paranormal Review

Unexplained Mysteries – A to Z of the unexplained, paranormal phenomena, discussion forum, sightings database, search engine and all the latest news on everything unexplained. Unexplained Mysteries – Paranormal Phenomena […]
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Psychic & Paranormal – Recent Stories
Psychic & Paranormal – Archive Stories
Edgar Cayce
(1877-1945) American sleeping prophet, father of holistic medicine.
Uri Geller
Israeli-born psychic celebrity living in England, known for spoon bending.
Ingo Swann
(1933–2013) American psychic, taught CIA in remote viewing like Men Who Stare at Goats.
Sylvia Browne
(1936-2013) American author, controversial psychic and spiritual medium.
James Van Praagh
American medium has written books on spirituality and spirit communication.



Psychic & Paranormal

Psychic & Paranormal News Briefs


Weekly Chat: Psychic, TV Host Chip Coffey Discusses and Defines the Paranormal

Naples Herald - 4 weeks ago
The burgeoning popularity of paranormal media confirms the insatiable desire to find pieces to this inextricable mystery. Scores of television productions address paranormal experiences, interdimensional communications and psychic...

5 True Stories About The Military's Paranormal Activity Research

Task & Purpose - 3 weeks ago
From the 1950s to the 1990s, the military and intelligence communities investigated psychic phenomena, conducted clandestine missions that relied on subjects believed to have supernatural powers, and competed with the Soviet Union in a psychic...

Couple studied the paranormal

Winnipeg Free Press - 3 days ago
Located on 185 Henderson Hwy. in Elmwood, the House is famous as the site of psychic and occult research conducted by Dr. Thomas Glendenning Hamilton and his wife Lillian Hamilton in the early 20th century. "They were quite involved in...

Book review: Phenomena – secrets of US military's ESP tests and other paranormal investigations revealed

South China Morning Post - 3 weeks ago
“US government military efforts to explore psychic phenomena remained mostly out of the public eye until December 1959,” Jacobsen writes, “when an article about a secret government ESP programme appeared in a French magazine called Constellation...

Government's psychic research may have resulted from a misunderstanding of Middle School math

MuckRock - 3 weeks ago
A common question, especially as MuckRock continues to explore CIA and DIA's involvement in psychic research, is how so many resources wound up being wasted on frivolous efforts that produced laughable results, absurd guides and even more...

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The Human Aura is said to be an electromagnetic field (“bioenergy field“) that surrounds the human body. The aura is thought to serve as a visual measure of the state of the health of the physical body. Skeptics contend that auras may be seen because of a disorder within the visual system.

Psychic & Paranormal

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Books, gifts and videos. Browse for recent best-selling products from the Psychic & Paranormal category. Be sure to bookmark the Psychic & Paranormal Shop for upcoming offers and events.
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Psychic & Paranormal

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Psychic & Paranormal – Archive Stories

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Psychic & Paranormal Suggested Random Article
Can Sex Unlock Altered Consciousness?

Orgasm is tied into the brain’s reward system and likely other important systems as well.

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Myth-OS | Paranormalist Uri Geller

Myth-OS | Paranormalist Uri Gellerhttp://myth-os.com/paranormalist-uri-geller/Israeli-born Uri Geller is one of the world’s most investigated and celebrated mystifiers.



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Psychic & Paranormal

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Edgar Cayce’ s A.R.E.http://www.edgarcayce.org/Edgar Cayce (1877–1945) founded the non-profit Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E. or ARE) in 1931, to explore spirituality, holistic health
Fortean Times Magazine | Weird News | Strange Pictures | Videoshttp://www.forteantimes.com/Fortean Times Magazine the world of strange phenomena featuring weird news, strange pictures, videos, books, film reviews and more.
Gurdjieff International Reviewhttp://www.gurdjieff.org/Informed essays and commentary on the history, writings, and teachings of George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff.
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Welcome to the James Van Praagh Online Community :: Welcome!http://www.vanpraagh.com/The medium’s official site, which includes a schedule of appearances, chat room, message board, biography, and photos.
CG Jung Page

CG Jung Pagehttp://www.cgjungpage.org/The Jung Page has been providing articles, reviews, and a wide range of resources in Jungian psychology since 1995.
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Paranormal News — Your Source for UFO and Paranormal Related Informationhttp://www.paranormalnews.com/News, articles, and documents of the paranormal. Gathered and updated daily.
Go to Psitalk newsletter and newsfeedhttp://www.psitalk.com/PsiTalk is your portal for your favorite Paranormal Talk Radio and also your only source for background and media appearances for the guests you love to listen

American Society for Psychical Research

American Society for Psychical Researchhttp://www.aspr.com/The American Society for Psychical Research is the oldest psychical research organization in the United States. Founded in 1885, the ASPR has supported the…
Ripley's Believe It or Not! | Unbelievable News. Odd & Bizarre Things from Around the World. Amazing Artifacts & Attractions.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! | Unbelievable News. Odd & Bizarre Things from Around the World. Amazing Artifacts & Attractions.http://www.ripleys.com/Offers museums and attractions in multiple countries focusing on odd and amazing things. Provides videos, details about exhibits, and their history.
Russell Targ. Books and Workshops on Remote Viewing, Psi / Psychic Science, Spiritual Healing.

Russell Targ. Books and Workshops on Remote Viewing, Psi / Psychic Science, Spiritual Healing.http://www.espresearch.com/Russell Targ is a physicist and author who was a pioneer in the development of the laser, and cofounder of the Stanford Research Institute’s investigation into psychic abilities
Sangraal - Sacred Geometry and Alchemy

Sangraal – Sacred Geometry and Alchemyhttp://www.sangraal.com/ SanGraalWorld.wordpress.com Make us your homepage Recommended Reading Articles/Archives Ray’s Lionel Trains Phi-Harmonics Grail Menu-U/Rochester Alchemy Outside the Box
Share International on the Reappearance of Maitreya the World Teacher

Share International on the Reappearance of Maitreya the World Teacherhttp://www.share-international.org/Maitreya, the World Teacher, has been based in the Asian community of London since July 1977, gradually emerging into full public view.

STARpod.org | STARstream Research | Spacetime Threat Assessment Reportshttp://www.starpod.org/STARstream Research is a provider of intelligence and analysis on futuristic national and international defense, security and risk developments.
Novus Spiritus : The Official Sitehttp://www.novus.org/home/index.cfmSociety of Novus Spiritus was originally founded under the Church of Novus Spiritus by Sylvia Browne in July 1986.
Totse.info – The Temple Of The Screaming Electronhttp://www.totse.info/This Just In… “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the
Unexplained Mysteries - Paranormal Phenomena and the World's Greatest Unexplained Mysteries

Unexplained Mysteries – Paranormal Phenomena and the World’s Greatest Unexplained Mysterieshttp://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/A to Z of the unexplained, paranormal phenomena, discussion forum, sightings database, search engine and all the latest news on everything unexplained.

Uri Geller – This website could change your life! http://www.uri-geller.com/ This website could change your life for the better! “Better than watching Geller bending silver spoons, better than witnessing new born nebulae’s in bloom” Incubus
Viewzone Magazine: A look at life and human culture from different angles.

Viewzone Magazine: A look at life and human culture from different angles.http://www.viewzone.com/Viewzone Magazine offers a look at life and humanity from different angles. Conspiracies, lost history and mysteries as well as humor and facts

World-Mysteries.comhttp://www.world-mysteries.com/World-Mysteries.com. Explore with us lost civilizations, ancient ruins, sacred writings, unexplained artifacts, and science mysteries. Introduced are alternative

XtremeRealityCheck - What the government doesn't want you to know...

XtremeRealityCheck – What the government doesn’t want you to know…http://www.xtremerealitycheck.com/XtremeRealityCheck.com. What the government doesn’t want you to know! REALITY CHECK – an introduction – Cures for Cancer – Educate Yourself


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Psychic & Paranormal

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