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Extraterrestrial life, from the Latin words: extra (beyond, or not of) and terrestris (of or belonging to Earth) is defined as life that does not originate from Earth. Also referred to as alien life. UFO (unidentified flying object) is an anomaly in the sky that is not identifiable to the observer as any known object.

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The Alien God Species – The Watchers are HERE!

At first and for the longest time, I believed my encounter was a UFO. It wasn’t until years later that I deduced it was an entity and that it was here for me.
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UFO & Extraterrestrial

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UFO & Extraterrestrial Review

UFOs Explained –– and Unsolved – Some modern UFO myths were produced by the German development of rocketry and jet aircraft, which led to the missile and space programs of […]
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UFO & Extraterrestrial – Recent Stories
UFO & Extraterrestrial – Archive Stories
Josef Allen Hynek
(1910 – 1986) American government astronomer and professor noted for UFO research.
Stanton T. Friedman
University of Chicago physicist, first civilian investigator of Roswell UFO incident.
Nick Pope
Journalist, investigated UFO sightings for the British Ministry of Defence.
Linda Moulton Howe
American author, Emmy Award-winning producer of high strangeness in-depth reports.



UFO & Extraterrestrial

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A Town Famous for a UFO Sighting Awaits the Solar Eclipse

The New Yorker - 1 day ago
Cole, who is forty-one, is a lifelong resident of Christian County, Kentucky, an area in the southwest corner of the state that is known for its cattle, its tobacco crop, and a violent close encounter with extraterrestrials. He was sitting under a tent ...and...

The never-ending search for UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence

Washington Post - 3 weeks ago
Back in 1950, during a lunch break at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, several scientists were trading wisecracks about a recent spate of UFO reports when Nobel Prize-winning physicist Enrico Fermi offered an observation that has echoed through...

'This is really scary' Chilling moment 'UFOs' appear in sky during solar eclipse

Daily Star - 9 hours ago
the startled man asks. “Why do they keep disappearing?” Thousands of people have watched the clip since it was posted, with people quick to offer their own views on what the objects actually were. The alien ufo YOUTUBE. STRANGE: The sighting...

50 Years Later, The Falcon Lake Incident Is Canada's 'Best-Documented' UFO case

Collective Evolution - 4 hours ago
There are even intriguing stories of many who supposedly “channel” extraterrestrial beings, and what makes it so interesting is, at least for me as a UFO researcher, seeing the corroboration and confirmations between stories, as well as what appears to...

Top 5 UFO sightings in history: Brit expert's secret X-files that 'PROVE aliens real'

Daily Star - 3 days ago
World-renowned expert and author Philip Mantle, of Pontefract, Yorks., has probed hundreds of close encounters over the years but says these previously unreleased cases are the ones that made him believe extraterrestrial life is real. They include a ...and...

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Astrobiology is the study of the origin, evolution, distribution, and future of life in the universe. Astrobiology studies aspects of space exploration and the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe.

UFO & Extraterrestrial

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UFO & Extraterrestrial

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UFO & Extraterrestrial – Archive Stories

UFO & Extraterrestrial Suggested Random Article
The Gods vs. Aliens Debate

Extraterrestrials allegedly taught humans the study of astronomy, geometry, and monolith construction. But why couldn’t they teach us the difference between imaginary gods and living aliens?

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Myth-OS | UFO Expert Nick Pope Myth-OS | UFO Expert Nick Pope


Nick Pope used to run the British Government’s UFO Project and is now recognised as one of the world’s leading experts on UFOs.



Myth-OS | Linda Moulton Howe Myth-OS | Linda Moulton Howe


Linda Moulton Howe is an Emmy Award-winning TV producer, investigative reporter for radio and internet and



Chariots of The Spirit World | Myth-OS Myth-OS | Chariots of The Spirit World


According to some theologians, “Lord in heaven” really means God from space. The Apocalypse tells of a war in heaven, led by the Archangel Michael against the dragon. In Psalms, “The Chariots of God are twenty thousand.”.



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UFO & Extraterrestrial Links
UFO & Extraterrestrial Resource Web Links

The Bible UFO Connection

The Bible UFO Connectionhttp://www.bibleufo.com/The Bible UFO Connection is a collection of the hundreds of references in the Bible to flying vehicles, close encounters, futuristic weaponry, and advanced technological…
The Disclosure Project

The Disclosure Projecthttp://www.disclosureproject.org/The Disclosure Project is a nonprofit research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and…

Exopoliticshttp://www.exopolitics.org/Exopolitics is the study of the key individuals, political institutions and processes associated with extraterrestrial life. Information concerning extraterrestrial life and…
Mars Anomaly Research Home Page

Mars Anomaly Research Home Pagehttp://www.marsanomalyresearch.com/Remember that all visual evidence at this site is drawn from, verifiable in, and supported by the official science data. Links to the associated official science data is always…

MUFONhttp://www.mufon.com/Listen to the MUFON Podcast on iTunes Listen to UFONAUT RADIO with Jesse Randolph. Live every Saturday night at 9 PM PST on www.UFONAUTRADIO.com. MUFON Ham Radio at 75 meters at…
Blue Book Archive

Blue Book Archivehttp://www.bluebookarchive.org/The Project Blue Book Archive provides over 50,000 official US Government documents relating to the UFO phenomenon.
Intelligent : Design – Message from the Designershttp://rael.org/Intelligent Design Intelligent Design Theory Intelligent Design for Atheists Intelligent Design
SETI Institute

SETI Institutehttp://www.seti.org/We are absolutely thrilled that thousands of people from all over the world stepped forward to declare their support for SETI science just when help was needed the most.
International Center for Abduction Research

International Center for Abduction Researchhttp://www.ufoabduction.com/ Visitors to this site: Defamation Campaign A response from David Jacobs …
UFOArea - Provocative, Controversial And Uncensored - with Ellen Lloyd!

UFOArea – Provocative, Controversial And Uncensored – with Ellen Lloyd!http://www.ufoarea.com/ Get email notification as soon as new content is available!
UFO Casebook, UFO Sightings, UFO Case files, UFO Photos, UFO Pictures, UFO Video, Aliens, UFO News, Magazinehttp://www.ufocasebook.com/08-03-11 – Triangle UFO Seen over Fresno, California 08-02-11 – Adelaide Man Captures ‘UFOs’ on Video Camera 08-04-11 – Unknown Object Observed/Photographed over Australia…
UFO Digest provides video proof of ufos, alien abduction and the paranormal. | UFO Digest provides video proof of ufos, alien abduction and the paranormal on our website, newsletter and newsfeedhttp://www.ufodigest.com/Books Forums Movies Videos Writers Home Back to the Home Page. User login Username: * Password: * Create new account Request new password Search Old Site WebUFODigest Navigation…
The UFO Iconoclast(s)

The UFO Iconoclast(s)http://ufocon.blogspot.com/Anthony Bragalia, and I, as is our wont, are having a small debate about the nature — the essence — of UFOs. He thinks they are morphing/shape-shifting vehicles of some kind…

UFOMystichttp://www.ufomystic.com/See more from Animal Mutilations, Anomalous Phenomena, Books, Breaking News, Close Encounters, Conspiracies, Evidence, Eyewitness Accounts, Fortean, History, The Redfern Files…
UFO Seek! The UFO Paranormal Search Engine, News, forums

UFO Seek! The UFO Paranormal Search Engine, News, forumshttp://www.ufoseek.com/UFOSeek forums: Introduce Yourself Tell us about yourself, drop in and say hello, introduce your website, post your photos, artwork, write your story. UFO Sightings Open board…


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UFO & Extraterrestrial

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