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go to FacebookThe Starfire Wolflair of Carolyn Rose Goyda is a home to an interactive news and discussion area. We will focus on the positive solutions and fun — not just doom & gloom.




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The venerable double Emmy winner John Barbour is creator of “The JFK Assassination: The Jim Garrison Tapes” that he hosts and participates in with Jim Marrs, Dick Russell and Joan Mellen. John Barbour on Black Ops Radio discusses the background of the upcoming “JFK: The Final Word on the Assassination.” Quoted from an article everyone should read about planted evidence and how Lee Harvey Oswald was framed.

John Barbour John Barbour “John Barbour’s World”

Lucille Ball’s favorite writer, aside from the wonderful writers of her show, was John Barbour. She said for the ten years that John was the film critic for Los Angeles Magazine, she couldn’t wait for the beginning of the month just to read his reviews. And watch him on KNBC’s six o’clock news!

The following radio show has material about JFK and former Presidents that the manager of Dark Matter Radio considers too controversial for the network:


Starfire Wolflair Radio Show #1Starfire Wolflair Radio Show #2Peter Fotis Kapnistos Interview

Erratum (in video): Aleister Crowley was not born in Scotland. He was born in Leamington Spa, UK (1875).
Crowley purchased a home in Loch Ness, Scotland (1899).


Published on Dec 4, 2013

This is the first show of the new network
created and inspired by Art Bell. The show is hosted by Carolyn Rose Goyda and
is a very positive, upbeat and informatively packed program. Guests are John
Barbour (
and Chrissy McMahon (

Note: At 44:31 into this video, audio content has been replaced due to a copyright
violation claim with the original song played on the broadcast.
The song it has been replaced with is "Watch Me" by DanaWanaPskana.

This video was created and uploaded with the permission of Ms. Goyda and she
encourages you to make copies and redistribute the program whenever possible.

Published on Dec 17, 2013

This is show #2 of the Starfire Wolflair show
(broadcasted version) on
This show has material about JFK and former Presidents that the manager of
Dark Matter Radio considers too controversial for the network! If you want to
hear more of the Starfire Wolflair show on the Art Bell Dark Matter Radio
network you will need to write and and tell
them ‘Keep This Show On!!’

Show #2 Features Guests: E.T. Hypnotherapist Laurie McDonald, Authors &
Film Producers Robert D Miles & Leslie Mitts, Author & Entrepreneur
Peter Kapnistos, Musical Guests Bat and DanaWanaPskana

Starfire Wolflair Hosted By Carolyn Goyda.

Sound Design, Theme Music and Special Correspondence by DanaWanaPskana

Carolyn Rose Goyda and the Starfire Wolflair:…

Itunes: DanaWanaPskana
See the video for his single "Out Of The Way" starring beautiful
Angela Tagliavia on his website!

Robert D Miles & Leslie Mitts:

Peter Kapnistos:




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