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Halo 5: Guardians Review

As someone who has dabbled in the Halo franchise but never actually got into the games, I can say Halo 5: Guardians is a great game. It’s campaign is thoroughly enjoyable and it has one of the best multiplayer experiences I’ve ever played. 343 has definitely delivered an exceptional first person shooter and a solid entry into the Halo franchise. In the midst of a super crowded holiday season, Halo 5 is a clear stand out from Microsoft and shouldn’t be missed.

Halo 5’s campaign is a 15 mission story that takes you to many different locations and offers some good looking cut scenes. Unfortunately though the actual story is a hit or miss. Some missions feel like they have purpose and add to the story, while others simply don’t. I feel like 343 could have told a very personal story through the manhunt between Locke and Master Chief, but they severely missed that opportunity. The story then becomes something much to hard to follow than it needs to be. Something dealing with Guardians and Cortona. I honestly couldn’t tell you and I was already at a disadvantage with the story not having played the previous titles in full. I can say my enjoyment of the campaign wasn’t hindered by the mediocre story, but it sure would have made it better.

The best part about Halo 5’s campaign is playing it. We get a wide variety of maps and levels. Every mission felt new and refreshing. Areas in the game were pretty big and allowed for some huge fights. I personally liked how they handled vehicles in the game. Some missions had them and some didn’t, but it all felt intentional. They really nailed the gameplay. You also use a variety of guns, which also makes the play through more enjoyable. But overall Halo 5’s campaign isn’t anything to marvel over and is quite normal.

Where Halo 5: Guardians does deliver, is in it’s multiplayer. Arena boasts a unique set of playlist and a wide variety of maps that are sure to keep you entertained for months. The arena type of matches are something I never experience before now and I must say it’s very refreshing. There are no loadouts or customization, instead you focus on core skill and your ability to perform well. I like that there are power weapons on maps that teams can fight for, but they never give a team a huge advantage. Matches play very quickly, especially with the new movement improvements to the franchise. Halo 5 definitely has the best core multiplayer experience I have played this year.

Halo 5 also introduces a warzone multiplayer game mode. It’s very reminiscent of Titanfall and I didn’t really enjoy it all that much. There’s 12 versus 12, friendly and enemy AI, events, and objectives. Sadly it never feels good or fun to play. Requisition cards are earned by just playing any type of multiplayer and can be used to equip certain weapons or spawn vehicles. While it certainly adds more variety to the game mode, it doesn’t save it from feeling very lousy. I’ll stick with arena.

Overall Halo 5: Guardians is a fun game and walks the line of being truly great. Unfortunately the game features a very short and mundane campaign and a failed new multiplayer gamemode that has been very hyped up. But arena is an absolute blast and very addicting, it should please any competitive shooter fan game mode.

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Flat Earth Meets Tesla

Have we been completely wrong about the universe? This book presents a startlingly different, yet simple and plausible model of our cosmos, derived from concepts as ancient as flat earth, and as modern as scalar wave theory and torus energy flow. It could really turn your world upside-down! “Flat Earth Meets Tesla: a Primer on Paired, Inverted Worlds Cosmology,” by Laurel Federbus.

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Conspiracy Tube

conspiracytube.co – We offer a whole host of up to date Conspiracy videos and documentaries as well as just launching a forum for our vewers to use! I have come across your website on a few occasions, I think my website would fit well without audience.

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Paul Dale Roberts

Paul Dale Roberts & Shannon McCabe of H.P.I. International, are at it again in their newest addition to H.P.I. Chronicles. Volume II gives us more Ghost Stories and UFO investigation.

Join Paul Dale Roberts and the H.P.I. crew as they delve into the world of the paranormal with true interviews, investigations, and UFO hunts. BEWARE: These aren’t the stories you hear around the campfire; because these are true!! http://www.HPIparanormal.net

HPI Chronicles: Volume II Ghost Stories and UFOs

By Paul Dale Roberts

Cover Art by Peter Fotis Kapnistos




Myth-OS | Ghosts & Monsters – News

Myth-OS | Ghosts & Monsters – Newshttp://www.myth-os.com/ghosts-monsters/In traditional belief, a ghost is the soul or spirit of a deceased person or animal that can appear, in visible form or other manifestation, to the living. Descriptions of the apparition of ghosts vary widely.




Well Seal and the Man

He broke the metal seal by melting its small
central rod with a forceful gaze. I could see a cloud of steam or
vapor swirling around his forehead.
read more




The Starfire Wolflair

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The Starfire Wolflair of Carolyn Rose Goyda is a home to an interactive news and discussion area. We will focus on the positive solutions and fun — not just doom & gloom.


Myth-OS | Starfire Wolflair

Myth-OS | Starfire Wolflairhttp://myth-os.com/starfire-wolflair/The Starfire Wolflair of Carolyn Rose Goyda is a home to an interactive news and discussion area. We will focus on the positive solutions and fun — not just doom & gloom..






UFO Iconoclast

Rich Reynolds of the RRR Group and “The UFO Iconoclast(s)” blog, provides exopolitical analysis of UFO sightings captured on video. Rich Reynolds has been dubbed “UFOlogy´s Biggest Pain” for demanding that “old geezers” retire from the UFO investigation field.


Rich Reynolds - YouTube

Rich Reynolds – YouTubehttp://www.youtube.com/user/RRRGroup2Copyright 2012, InterAmerica, Inc. This is the first of two photos taken by Paul Trent in May 1950, the subject of much chatter here and elsewhere: This is a photo taken in…

The UFO Iconoclast(s)

The UFO Iconoclast(s)http://ufocon.blogspot.com/Copyright 2012, InterAmerica, Inc. This is the first of two photos taken by Paul Trent in May 1950, the subject of much chatter here and elsewhere: This is a photo taken in…


RRRGrouphttp://rrrgroup.blogspot.comCopyright 2012, InterAmerica, Inc. When a brief shining moment of societal importance – an alleged capture of an extraterrestrial machine – occurred near Roswell, New…


AutoSurf the RRR Group



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telepathic robot arm

robotarmPeople who have lost the use of their arms due to stroke could now find a helping hand in the form of a robotic arm that can ‘telepathically’ respond to your thoughts.


A new research, led by Rice University and the University of Houston, has led to the development of an exo-skeleton which covers the arm from fingertips to elbow and can help perform simple tasks, as well gently assisting – and sometimes resisting – movement to build strength and accuracy, the Daily Mail reported.



Conspiracy Docs

I’m the webmaster of Conspiracy Documentaries. We came across your site http://myth-os.com on the Internet and feel that our website would fit perfectly into your collection of quality links.

Keep up the good work 🙂 We look forward to hearing from you.


Conspiracy Documentaries Admin

Read article: Conspiracy Docs


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CA Technologies partners IIIT-Hyderabad to set up Co-innovation Lab

ETtech.com - 5 hours ago
CA Technologies partners IIIT-Hyderabad to set up Co-innovation Lab CA Technologies and IIT-Hyderabad have signed a collaboration agreement to set up a Co-innovation Lab at the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad campus.and...

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change Publishing

MediaPost Communications - 1 day ago
We can't listen to a tech CEO keynote without stumbling on how they are using AI for a variety of products or innovations. Smart publishers are also beginning to embrace AI. They are weaving it into the core of their business — to inform and improve...

Stock Performance Review on IT Services Industry -- DXC Technology, Fidelity National Information Services, Gartner ...

PR Newswire (press release) - 6 hours ago
If you want a Stock Review on DXC, FIS, IT or NCR then come over to http://dailystocktracker.com/register/ and sign up for your free customized report today. On Tuesday, the NASDAQ Composite ended the day at 6,146.62, down 1.61%; the Dow Jones ...and...

Publishers need to think about a 3D reader experience

The Bookseller - 1 day ago
If they want to tap into modern storytelling, publishers must learn to think in 3D. Starting out as a video games journalist ... To solve it, they need to marry new technical skills with a creative understanding of how to build information products...

Publishing Operations & Technology Manager

Publishers Weekly - 7 days ago
The United Nations is currently seeking a Publishing Operations and Technology Manager for UN Publications in the Department of Public Information, based at UN Headquarters in New York. In this role you will manage and coordinate the work of...

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