Chariots of The Spirit World

Chariots of The Spirit World
According to some theologians, “Lord in heaven” really means God from space. The 1968 book, Chariots of the Gods by Swiss author Erich von Daniken popularized the theory that “ancient aliens” interacted with the human mythos. Swiss born Greek writer and television presenter Giorgio A. Tsoukalos is the director of von Daniken’s Center for Ancient Astronaut Research. The Bible’s Revelation tells of a final war in heaven, led by the Archangel Michael against the dragon. According to Psalm 68:17, “The Chariots of God are twenty thousand.”

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Evidence Biblical Flood Happened

A Black Sea region mega-flood. Many archaeologists believe that such an event may have happened, even if it doesn’t strictly match up to legendary accounts.
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Chariots of The Spirit

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Chariots of The Spirit World


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The Racism Behind Alien Mummy Hoaxes

The Atlantic - 3 months ago
In 1968, Swiss author Erich von Däniken's Chariots of the Gods? introduced the mainstream to the theory that the Nazca Lines, the massive geoglyphs in Southern Peru whose shapes are fully visible only from the air, were landing strips for “ancient...

Erich von Daniken's 'ET' Assertions Gain Credibility Over Time

Palm Springs Life - 3 yearss ago
When Chariots of the Gods was published in 1968, author Erich von Daniken's assertions regarding extraterrestrial contact dating back to earth's infancy were greeted with distain. “My ideas were attacked from all sides, especially from the scientific...

Une question existentielle: Sommes-nous seuls dans l'Univers? - 4 weeks ago
Cette théorie bouleverse les conceptions académiques de l'histoire humaine, puisque selon son fer de lance, Erich Von Daniken, les hommes n'ont pu évoluer et progresser que grâce à l'appui d'une race extraterrestre. La civilisation hindoue, parmi...

Here's why Rupam's single Daniken is trending!

Times of India - 7 months ago
Daniken's first bestselling book Chariots of the Gods drew flak from scientists who branded his work as pseudo-history, pseudo-archaeology and pseudoscience. Rupam's video depicts a story of a lone writer, Erich Dutta. The video opens with Erich...

'Aliens will return to Earth within 20 years', Chariots of the Gods author predicts

Yahoo News UK - 11 months ago
Evidence of this is contained in ancient Indian religious texts as well as in the Christian Bible, Daniken claims. Erich emphasised that their concept of heaven is really a reference to outer space, so the angels were E.T. visitors rather than...

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Tom DeLonge Claims He's Got A Big Alien Related Announcement To Make

LADbible - 7 days ago
*Exaggerated Tom DeLonge voice*: Wheeeeere are yyyyyyyouuuu? An I'mmme so sowrrrrry... DON'T WASTE YOUR TYYYYYM ON ME, YOU'RE ALREADEEEE THE VOYYYCE INSYYYDE MUY...

End of the world September 23: Nibiru is 'mentioned in the Bible as Wormwood' - 4 weeks ago
Christians and non-believers alike are convinced that the apocalyptic planet will destroy life on Earth, and the signs are in the Bible. Another passage from the Bible is doing the rounds, which points to a “star” called Wormwood that falls from the...

Tom DeLonge Has Revealed 'The Truth' About Aliens

LADbible - 6 days ago
Tom Delonge has appeared in a live-stream broadcast to discuss an incident involving a UFO, alongside a number of 'Department of Defence insiders'. You can watch the event as it happened here: Join me LIVE as we reveal the experts from within the ...and...

Will the world end TOMORROW? Theories mysterious planet Nibiru is 'about to destroy Earth' are dismissed by former ...

Daily Mail - 4 weeks ago
A series of YouTube videos also claim the end of days is tomorrow, citing a combination of numerology and Biblical interpretations. Now a former Ministry of Defence UFO expert has spoken out against the claims, saying they 'lack critical thinking...

END OF THE WORLD WARNING: Tonight's Asteroid 2012 TC4 is a 'sign of the APOCALYPSE' - 5 days ago
The website reads: “Biblical prophecy speaks of an asteroid or a comet: And the second angel sounded the trumpet: and as it were a great mountain, burning with fire, was cast into the sea, and the third part of the sea became blood: [Apocalypse...

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Legendary Times - Come Search with Us

Legendary Times – Come Search with Us of the Gods? Did Aliens visit Earth in the remote past? Are modern UFO reports old news? Were we already visited in Ancient Times? Is there evidence of Alien Technology…



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American Presbyterian minister Rev. Barry Downing investigated the relationship between UFOs and religion. His 1968 book, The Bible and Flying Saucers, was a ground breaking hypothesis on the biblical perspective of the UFO phenomenon.

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Spirit Chariots

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Chariots of The Spirit World

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www.daeniken.com over 45 years, Erich von Daniken has pursued the theory which postulates that Earth might have been visited by extraterrestrials in the remote past.


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Daniken, Erich von

Daniken, Erich von author of several best-selling books, beginning with Erinnerungen an die Zukunft (1968, translated in 1969 as Chariots of the Gods?), which promote the paleocontact hypothesis.
The Strong Delusion - Home

The Strong Delusion – Home if our government is lying? Why should Christians care? If UFOs are a matter for national security, well then, the government lies about these issues all the time. Or,…
The Bible UFO Connection

The Bible UFO Connection Bible UFO Connection is a collection of the hundreds of references in the Bible to flying vehicles, close encounters, futuristic weaponry, and advanced technological…


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